Hong Kong International Airport's largest solar panel project

Gammon, our 50:50 joint venture in Hong Kong, has completed the largest solar power project at Hong Kong International Airport, saving an estimated 1,065 tonnes of CO₂.

The project involved installing 6,000 photovoltaics (PV) panels, with a total capacity of 3MW, on the rooftops of maintenance hangar two and maintenance hangar three. The solar panels are connected to the grid under a feed-in-tariff scheme to help decarbonise the electricity supply in Hong Kong.

Delivered using a Design for Manufacture and Assembly approach to enhance productivity, reduce waste and reduce safety risks, the project meets an array of requirements including being typhoon resilient and keeping the existing roof surface intact. The high-performing PV panels  benefit from fire proofing and electrical safety features as well as an anti-reflective coating to minimise glare that could impact pilots landing and taking off from the airport.

1,065 estimated tonnes of CO₂ saved
6,000 photovoltaics panels
3 MW capacity

United Nations Race to Zero campaign

As part of our commitment to minimise the environmental impact of our operations across the UK, US and Hong Kong we’ve joined the United Nations Race To Zero campaign.