Mandating sustainable solutions across our UK operations

Balfour Beatty has identified over 130 ways to reduce its energy consumption, including use of the EcoNet tool which manages the power of site compounds by controlling and reducing the energy output from key appliances.

In addition, Balfour Beatty has deployed over 600 EcoSense cabins which boast a range of sustainable applications and components including occupier-activated extractor fan sensors and lower kilowatt heaters with built-in, self-regulating digital thermostats. These cabins will reduce carbon emissions on site by up to 30%. EcoNet and EcoSense are two of five solutions mandated across our UK business to drive down emissions and build a more sustainable future. When combined, EcoNet and EcoSense will deliver an additional 4,000 to 5,000 tonnes of CO₂ savings annually.

United Nations Race to Zero campaign

As part of our commitment to minimise the environmental impact of our operations across the UK, US and Hong Kong we’ve joined the United Nations Race To Zero campaign.